[ODE] Latest Commit

J. Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 09:05:38 MST 2005

On 10/27/05, Rodrigo Hernandez <kwizatz at aeongames.com> wrote:
> However, the idea that testing code would end up on the final binary
> library, either just as extra bagage or actually affecting performance
> keeps bothering me, can someone
> care to explain how this will not happen?

Because the unit tests will be in their own library.

Like Jon, I've been unit testing for a while now, and I agree with him
on most points, though I probably wouldn't force the tests to run
after every build. But I would feel much more comfortable if the unit
tests, including any framework code, were built every time the library
was updated. Otherwise there is the opportunity for the tests to drift
out of sync with the code, breaking the build for others. If CppUnit
were the only option I'd say go for it, but there are other
frameworks. Even the article you referenced in your original post did
not recommend CppUnit. Though again, I appreciate your offer to
integrate it with the build, but I want to make sure we pick the right
tool here.

Russ has given me admin rights in the patch manager, so I will spend
some time this weekend sorting through the patches, trying to figure
out what has already been applied and where. Once that is done, then I
will start looking at unit testing.


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