[ODE] Materials, Collision

Szabo Gabor uchimata at axelero.hu
Wed Oct 26 00:03:29 MST 2005

Hello Everybody,

I'm new to the list and to the ODE "users" too, and I need your help. 
The simple question is how to define different physics "material" and 
how to handle the different collision types? I've read the list-archive 
a lot - I like it really ;) - but I did not found anything about it. I 
studied the ODE documentation as well, and I feel there's not too much 
about the different contact types, but at least I know what kind of 
collisions I could use/mix. Sorry for the - probably dude - questions ;)



ps.: that could be enough if you send me addresses where to look for 
example code or some detailed documentation as well, but your 
experiences are irreplacable ;)

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