[ODE] Patches

Marcus Brubaker aurelius.marcus at rogers.com
Sun Oct 23 17:34:14 MST 2005

Morgan McGuire wrote:

>>Assuming that there are no objections from the maintainers, of course,
>>but I don't see why they would mind. Would people prefer the patches
>>go somewhere else?
>How about into a release?  It has been a year and a half since ODE 0.5 was
>released.  The community would be well served by the accumulated (recommended)
>patches and contrib being rolled into a new release, so that installing ODE
>doesn't mean several days of patching and recompiling.

A release would be ideal but a cumulative patch of all the recommended 
patches would also be good.  And a huge thanks to the people who are 
working to wrangle the patches together!


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