[ODE] Bending wheel axes and trimesh collision culling

johgor-0 at student.ltu.se johgor-0 at student.ltu.se
Fri Oct 21 13:27:40 MST 2005

Hi all ODE-users,

I've been using ODE for about 6 months and am currently working on a network 
racing game, but come across the bending axis problem with jointHinge2 which 
is well known. I've tried the finiteRotation-thing but with no luck. Changing 
the world CFM and ERP settings did help but instead made the car bouncy, like 
as if the suspension was very stiff. I've tried using a jointHinge for the 
back wheels which made the car alot easier to control, but then there's no 
suspension. Is there some way to use a jointHinge but with suspension? How do 
people solve this issue? 

I also have a question about how I should hand ODE my trimeshes? Does ODE 
optimize collisions with meshes automatically or should I divide the mesh in 
smaller segments and create a bunch of geoms instead of just one large?



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