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I believe the following is true <shrug> IMHO

 acceleration = a
 velocity is the time integral of acceleration or v(t) = v0 + t*a
 position is the time integral of velocity or s(t) = s0 + t*v0 + 0.5*a*t*t

So to be precise, neither of the equations as listed are correct

 However, even though its slightly incorrect the way ODE does it is:

	v1 = v0 + at ( or in their case v1 = v0 + (inverse Mass) * (Force) *
t )
	s1 = s0 + t(v1)

As you can see this will slightly overestimate the integration process.

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I think I found some serious bug in ODE.
Position of the body (changed by applied force) is incorrectly calculated.

Position in timestep should be calculated as:

x = x0 + v0 * (t - t0) + 0.5 * a * (t - t0)

Currently it is calculated as:

x = x0 + v0 * (t - t0) + a * (t - t0)

(without * 0.5 !!!!)


unit util.cpp (dxStepBody)

b->pos[j] += h * b->lvel[j];


Put some body in field of gravity, and do dWorldQuickStep(,10)
Check body position
Now, do the same, but in loop:
for (i=0;i < 10;i++) dWorldQuickStep(,1)
Check body position
Positions are not the same !!!
This is the problem


I've made a little patch (currently only for quick step) but I
don't know is this correct. 


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