[ODE] cylinder collision.

Ron Barry Ron.Barry at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 20 09:58:16 MST 2005

I hate asking such basic questions on such a wide distribution,
but since its a listserv and not a forum - apologies in advance:

I've been playing with the test_*.cpp-s, trying to learn the
basics of ode.  I have been doing well - until I ran into a
snag with Cylinders.  Capped cylinders collide and draw as
expected.  The first thing I did was create a tall stack of
'pills' on end.

I then replaced my calles to dMass' setCappedCylinder with
setCylinder, which pukes because there is no such call.  I
thought this was odd, and went into mass.cpp, where I found
dMassSetCylinder.  I simply replaced:



dMassSetCylinder(&m, ...)

...changed my call of drawCappedCylinder to drawCylinder,
and it compiled.  Running it (and fiddling with how precicely
vertical my cylinders are) makes it quite clear that I still
have cylinders capped with semi-spheres.

For my game, it's quite important that I have hockey-puck-
shaped objects.  Is this not supported, or have I missed
something obvious.  (It wouldn't be the first time - it took
me a while to realize that a capped cylinder wasn't a tube
with flat caps.  Live and learn.)

	thanks, all!


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