[ODE] Re: CFM not global

Nagymathe Denes denes at invictus.hu
Wed Oct 19 08:59:34 MST 2005


If you aren't afraid of changes within ODE, you can simply implement 
per-joint cfm; take a look into joint.cpp and you'll see that the joints set 
their own cfm value in getinfo2(); they use world->globalCFM currently, but 
you can add a dReal cfm field into the joint class to use instead and 
methods to set/get it.
I've done it and works nicely; you can do it too, it's just a few lines of 
code. But i can send/contribute the changed files of course if you or anyone 
else needs it.

Some could even implement different cfm values per DOF as dxJoint::Info2 has 
the possibility; some joints do use specific cfm values for given DOFs, see 
stopCFM for example


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