[ODE] rotation matrices

Floris van Breugel fv28 at cornell.edu
Fri Oct 14 22:47:01 MST 2005


I'm trying to attach a system of points (specifically not ODE  
constructs) to an ODE body by means of updating the system's position  
at each time such that any changes in position of the ODE body cause  
the system to move accordingly. In order to completely constrain the  
system I also need to update its rotation relative to the ODE body  
such that it appears to be fully 'attached'. I was wondering what the  
easiest way would be to update the position of these points so they  
stay the same relative the ODE body. I've tried using the angular  
velocity of the body to calculate necessary velocities for the  
points, but could not get that too work. Is there an easy way of  
using the rotation matrices to accomplish this?


- Floris

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