[ODE] basic simulation

Guillaume Jouffroy oxymore at tele2.fr
Thu Oct 13 17:17:20 MST 2005

ÿffffc1lvaro Castro a écrit :

>Hello all!
>I'm new to ODE, I have no real idea of using it, but I
>see that there is a nice documentation.
>I'm going to make a project of architectural
>simulation, using only very basic gravity constrains
>and collision detection. Is a project of experimental
>architecture, so is not necessary to be very precise
>in this step.
>I'm using SDL/OpenGL on linux.
>The intention is to create a world where about 200
>cells are suspended in the air attached between to
>walls. The cells would conform a body that would
>change its shape depending on different parameters.
>The reason I think I need ODE is because collision
>detection is important. Gravity is maybe more
>complicated because if I want to calculate a structure
>then everything becomes very complicated, doesn't it?
>I have 3 months for this project, so I can't do
>something very very complicated.
>I would like to ask:
>If so, could anyone tell me where can I get a
>demonstration code using ODE (and if possible with SDL
>and/or Linux).
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Well actually I perfectly understand your position. Im doing a PhD, and 
have no time for technical ugly problems. Im not sure to understand what 
you intend to do.
But actually you have to know that ODE is quite a low level library. And 
probably you won't find a lot of programs as the "right" example you 
need, and you'll eventually see that the ode documentation si for too
aware people concerning simulating dynamics.
The main reason you can't find tutorials on ode (for now cos Im doing 
one !), is the low-level use of ode. ode is generally encapsulated into 
big projects, for higher level application.
If you don't intend to program a layer above ode for your needs, you'd 
better get a high-level library which embed ode, which is called 
delta3D. You'll find a lot of examples and tutorials, its high-level 
(away from technical considerations), but unfortunately you can only 
deal with it in C++.
But if you rocks C++ (:D), well if you manage in it, that's for sure the 
right place to look at: delta3D

courage, nd hf

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