[ODE] Cylinder Geometry

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Thu Mar 24 20:48:20 MST 2005

> Thanks Jon and Megan for the replies. Sounds like it requires a bit work.
> However, doesn't this mean that the cyclinder cannot be the flat type,
> i.e. those whose height is smaller than the diameter, like a tire? How
> do you folks simulate the tires of a car then? I'm sorry if this question
> have already been asked many times.

For me, the dCylinder2 contrib works just fine.
I use it for wheels on a trimesh world.

As cyl-vs-cyl isect is missing, my cars cannot bang wheels,
but the wheels accurately interact with the world.


> Yefei
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>> There is a user-contrib for dCylinder2. It's not part of ODE proper
>> because users have reported significant issues with it.
>> To make a barrel, the suggested solution is to use a square block
>> of side length 1.2*barrelradius and height barrelheight,
>> interpenetrating with a ccylinder of height
>> barrelheight-2*barrelradius
>> and radius barrelradius. This shape will roll when tilted, and will
>> stand flat when standing.
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