[ODE] Proposal: ODE "unstable"

George Birbilis birbilis at kagi.com
Sun Mar 13 20:48:45 MST 2005

>>While I'm throwing things out here, I might as well also suggest that ODE 
>>switch to Subversion instead of CVS.  We've been using Subversion here at 
>>Cyan for almost a year with no problems, and it's WAAAY better than CVS.

I'd vote for SVN too, can use TortoiseSVN or RapidSVN client with it from 
tigris.org which are very user-friendly
Also I think CVS is supposed to be more insecure (at least had some hacking 
issue in the past)

George Birbilis (birbilis at kagi.com)
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
MVP J# for 2004 & 2005

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