[ODE] Cylinder2 and plane

Vrej Melkonian vmelkon at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 00:59:46 MST 2005


I followed the instructions in cylinder_collider file,
located in the dCylinder2 folder for adding support
for this.
I copied over the source files and the colliion.h
include file to my VC++ directory.

I added support for it in my test program.
The cylinders seem to fall right through the floor
while others like Box, Sphere, CCylinder work fine.
When the Cylinder2 hits the other objects, the
collision  works except I experienced a ODE Internal
error and then I guess ODE called abort.

- I know it's not finished. Should I use the other
folder for the Cylinder implementation (Olivier

 - Should I use trimesh?

 - Jon Watte suggested another method but it wouldn't
be accurate.

PS: I solved the draw stuff problem on Win2K by
getting rid of the rendering thread and by running the
rendering in the main thread. Hope that helps someone


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