[ODE] trimesh-cylinder

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Wed Jan 26 10:13:03 MST 2005

> Can't ODE handle ccylinder-trimesh collision? If not, what should I use
> wheels? Spheres makes my vehicle flip over and act overall bad.

Yes, ODE can handle CCylinder/Trimesh just fine. The bug is 
probably in your code somewhere.

The spheres are not the (main) reason your vehicle flips over. 
There's been extensive discussion on this list about how to 
make more stable cars, which includes lowering the center of 
gravity (effectively, using a geomtransform for the chassis), 
making sure you turn on contact slip for the wheels, adding 
sway bar simulation, etc.

The "carworld" demo implements many of these things:



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