[ODE] Merging multiple geoms into a single trimesh - a few issues

Geoff Carlton gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Fri Jan 14 11:30:24 MST 2005

Ok, good to see we're all on the same wavelength. :-)

We're probably all going to tailor a solution for our own needs.  
However, if it came to a "common" solution merged into ode, I think 
storing 2 triangle indexes is a more general way to go.

For example, I have materials, but they are grouped, so I can obtain the 
material index in a manner such as this:
    material 0: index 0 -> 30
    material 1: index 31->100
This is a different way than a set of stored material ids per triangle, 
and it would be inefficient to make a huge list of ids that were 
practically identical.

Also, it may be useful to be able to get our hands on the actual 
triangle, for particle systems, breaking glass, etc.


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