[ODE] Merging multiple geoms into a single trimesh - a few issues

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 19:35:47 MST 2005

That is a superb idea, and I think I'll set to implementing that as
soon as I can.  I'll throw a patch of it up as soon as I get it

I guess my main concern is the number of extra vertices you get from a
polygon soup vs welded... but I also suppose this is neither console
code nor graphics card piped data.  Not a mission-critical
optimization, and something I can easily add later if I find it's a
big problem.

Thanks all!

-Megan Fox

> I also need triangle info, for sound generation.  While I haven't done
> anything about this yet, I think the best bet is to modify the dContact
> struct to add an int that can store the triangle index (for trimesh-*
> collisions only).  With a couple of quick changes, the colliders can
> then set that int, which the app can examine and do whatever with.  This
> is superior to the callback since the app knows which successful contact
> is associated with the triangle index - particularly important if the
> app discards contacts (e.g. via depth).  Its also a bit nicer than the
> callback.

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