[ODE] Sphere/trimesh collision question

Yordan Gyurchev yordan at gyurchev.com
Tue Jan 11 20:46:01 MST 2005

I've had this very recently...

Have you fiddled with the collision code at all?
In case you have:
I'm putting my own matrix/vector stuff and I had couple of bugs in there
preventing the aabb tree make proper triangle selection so my body was
half way through the wall before it reported leaf collision. So my advise is
trace into the collider code and see if the AABB descend is ok...
I found this using very small step in slow/motion....


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> Hi,
> I have a simulation which has a ball bouncing around a room. I'm only
> using ODE for collision detection, not dynamics. The ball is represented
> by a sphere and the room is represented by a trimesh. I use the dCollide
> function with one contact point to check for collisions. When the speed
> of the ball is large enough it ends up going through the walls. I looked
> into this further and noticed that when over 50% of the ball is poking
> through a wall no collision is detected, even though the ball is clearly
> intersecting with the room. Is there anything I can do so that this is
> still considered a collision?
> Thanks,
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