[ODE] triangle id query giving a position

Yordan Gyurchev yordan at gyurchev.com
Sun Jan 9 12:22:52 MST 2005

We had a slight mod to the trimesh and the contact structure to return an
You will have to modify the triangle collision routines slightly because
that is
the place where you have the triangle index available.

We used this to "colour" the trimesh with different materials. There was a
array in the trimesh structure similar to the index array but keeping ID
instead of
vertex indices.

So the same static trimesh generates different footsteps, surface properties
(bouncyness, friction).


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Subject: [ODE] triangle id query giving a position

> I have my terrain modeled as a static trimesh, and I
> need to know wich is the triangle id for a given
> point. I need know this in the callback, for configure
> the mu in function of the material of the triangle
> (grass, stone..)
> I think that a Ray - Trimesh collision would do the
> trick, but the contact Joint return the same thing
> that I already know: the position of the contact. no
> the triangle id.
> some clue? :(
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