[ODE] collision detection optimalizations for humanoid

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Jan 6 13:53:29 MST 2005

What does "slow" mean?

I've had a stack of 100 boxes, and a pile of 40 spheres, laying 
around in a system that also has ~200 static triangle mesh objects 
(and most of them do collide with the trimeshes). This system is 
limited by the pixel shaders of the graphics part, not by ODE.

40 boxes shouldn't be a big deal. Are you running in release mode? 
Have you profiled it with VTune to figure out where you're spending 
your time? Are you using collision masks so that you don't have to 
collide against things you don't need to?


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   for some time i'm making some optimalization work on col. det.
   system for mine humanoid model (on the "bottom" level it have about
   40 boxes whichs collisions must be tested so it runs very slow, even
   with only 2 models...). Mine questions are:

   1)is there any general method solving fast collision detection
   for humanoid (or similar) model?

   2)could someone experienced show me the direction? (for now i was
   making some test on making greater boxes "above" mentioned "bottom"
   boxes, now only with precomputed boxes, but i'm considering boxes
   with changeable size)

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