[ODE] Im

Peter twentyseven at urbanterror.net
Sat Feb 26 05:27:31 MST 2005

> There have been many reports that the cylinder does not work
> right with trimesh collision. It reportedly generates contacts
> that are outside of the actual cylinder volume. Again, those who
> have tested in detail also claim you can't make a good, driveable
> car using cylinders as wheels, driving on a trimesh terrain.
> Cheers,
> / h+

Im inclined to agree here.  Even if we had a 100% working cyl collider
(which apparently we don't), a perfectly rigid sphere does a better job of
maintaining lots of contact points with a triangle mesh terrain then a
perfectly rigid cylinder does.  Using Soft contacts/cfm would make the
cylinder a bit more usable as a "tyre" but softening the simulation up to
account for lousy collision geometry doesn't seem that appealing to me.
Then again, not having flat-walled tires is a bit wanky too.

But oh, how I'd love to have some working barrels and other things you can
composite together out of proper flat-ended cylinders.  Biggest thing I miss
vs other SDK's at this point.


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