[ODE] Silly theoretical question

Serguey Zefirov thesz at mail.ru
Fri Feb 25 01:02:48 MST 2005

> Have you seen Redon's work? He uses a continuous time simulation where 
> collision detection is based on translation AND rotation, and he finds 
> the exact time of intersection (including for triangle meshes). It's 
> fairly computationally expensive, but could probably show up in a game 
> any year now.

As seen on flipcode.com:
True Axis Physics SDK   1:25PM   (0 Comments)

True Axis announced the recent release of the True Axis Physics SDK. Here's the buzz:
    The True Axis Physics SDK is a new fast and solid physics engine featuring full swept collision testing making it ideal for games that rely on fast paced action. Demos of the SDK in action and a free non-commercial license are available for download.
For more information, visit here.
"here" is http://trueaxis.com/ (I'm not affiliated in any way)

The stuff about Redon's work is more complicated than it seems to be.
For example, it seem to me now that it needs special kind of "stable
on variable timesteps" integrator. Also, I think, not every kind of
motion could be represented by so-called "screw motion."

And, again in my opinion, it is more for robotics than for games.

But Redon's ideas are great source of inspiration. ;)

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