[ODE] AMD64: OPCODE cast from 64 bits pointer to 32 bits integer

Tanguy Fautre tanguy.fautre at spaceapplications.com
Wed Feb 23 18:45:39 MST 2005


Apparently the archiver did not archive your post, so I guess that 
indeed doesn't like attachments.

I tested your patch here, and it's working perfectly on a Debian AMD64 
system. Except for the makefile you provided, but then the default one 
does not work either (I have to add -lpthread on the default one, and 
yours also assume that lib64 exists everywhere, which is not the case on 
Debian pure64).

Has it been included in ODE CVS? If not, it should.


Frederic Marmond wrote:
> hello,
> I wrote the patch for compil ODE on amd64, but hadn't have time to implement 
> the 'bad way' neither the 'goodway' for OPCODE.
> (I'm still 'bad way' supporter, but I understand well the Pierre's position.)
> I don't find my mail with patches files in the archive, so I send them again.
> (do the archive ignore mails with attachment?)
> Fred

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