[ODE] Duplicated vertices for trimeshes

Arturo Colorado Garín acolorado at telefonica.net
Tue Feb 22 20:13:16 MST 2005

>I would export a render mesh, and a collision mesh,
>and make the collision mesh be simpler than the
>render mesh. Let the artist build a separate mesh
>for collision, or if that's not an option, run some
>simplifier (like LOD generation) on the render mesh
>to generate collision, where small features (say, less
>than 4 inches) are just removed, but trying to keep
>large triangles in plane with their original.

The point is, is it worth doing all this (removing duplicated vertices from 
the render mesh, applying LOD, etc.)? I don't think so, at least in my case, 

1) I use trimeshes only for the static environment.
2) Two static objects cannot collide (I don't call dCollide() in my 
collision callback for this case).
3) Most moving object Vs. static object collisions are early-out using 
bounding volumes only (I'm assuming ODE/OPCODE use bounding volumes here).

So, actually, I guess actual trimesh vertex/triangle data is not used very 
often, and then it is not worth optimizing this part. But as I said before 
maybe I'll try it in the future just to be sure.


--Arturo Colorado.

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