[ODE] When rockets hit objects

Jose Marin jose_marin2 at yahoo.com.br
Mon Feb 21 08:35:57 MST 2005


I'm using ODE on my game, and would like to use OPCODE
(inside ODE) to collision detection.

The game has a terrain, some moveable objects (tanks),
some static objects (trees, buildings, etc) and lots
of rockets flying!

I use spaces and trimeshes geoms for all objects,
including the terrain.

Is possible to use OPCODE to detect the collision
between the  rockets and the other objects?

The problems are:
1) the rockets are very fast (may lose some
2) there are lots of rockets (say, 20 at one time!)
3) how to detect when a rocket hit some object?
4) how to identify this object?
5) the rockets may use boxes or spheres to detect
collisions; which one is faster (may be a matter of I
make some tests)?

It's possible to use only OPCODE to collision
detection, in this case, or I must use a custom one?

Thanks for any tips!


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