[ODE] static objects

Arturo Colorado Garín acolorado at telefonica.net
Mon Feb 21 01:52:34 MST 2005

>but when I add like 100 geoms, my framerate goes down to 2 fps. Any clue
>how to speed things up?

What kind of space are you using? It sounds like you're using a simple
 space, so every pair of geoms will be checked to see if they are colliding.
 Try using one of the other two types of spaces (quadtree or 
 hash table).

 Have you already managed to move each geom to its correct position? If not,
 I guess using another type of space won't be of much help either. For
 example, if you use a quadtree space, every geom will be placed in the same
 quadtree leaf node so there still will be N^2 collision checks.

 Hope this helps,

 --Arturo Colorado

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