[ODE] rag doll setup

Hampus Soderstrom hampus at sxp.se
Sun Feb 20 01:10:18 MST 2005

Hi Yordan,

I use ball joints for all joints in our ragdolls then add lostops and
histops to constrain the movements.

I use sphere geom for the head and box geom for the upper body. Legs
and arms I use cylinder geoms.

I have seen other people do it differently so I guess it is up to you 
to decide
how your ragdoll should behave.




2005-02-19 kl. 21.37 skrev Yordan Gyurchev:

> Hi,
> I'm interested how do you setup your ragdolls.
> Do you create special tools?
> Use reference animation pose?
> What joints do you use for different body parts?
> What kind of geoms do you use for each body?
> Thanks,
> Yordan
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