[ODE] Trouble balancing "hover" rays over very short distances

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 13:03:50 MST 2005

Thanks, Jon, I'll try implementing your suggestion, though...

>  // Grab the relevant portion of the current velocity
>  vector3 curVelocity = nOpende::BodyGetLinearVel(this->tempBodyID);
>  vector3 velDir = curVelocity;
>  velDir.norm();
>  float relevantVel = curVelocity.len() * (velDir.dot(pushDir));
> If not, then the dot won't give you a normalized result.
> Also, because velDir is not normalized, you don't need to
> multiply by velocity length again -- that will give you a
> vector of magnitude squared.

Yes, pushDir is normalized, and velDir gets normalized there right
there, after I assign it the velocity (velDir.norm()).  So no problems
there, though the rest of the algorithm is suspect at best.

Thanks again,

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