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Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 09:25:57 MST 2005

It's definately necessary, just don't assume that the collision point
of the ray is exactly where the camera should sit every frame. 
Without some sort of movement smoothing, your camera jumps all over
the place.

You also want it to lag a bit to handle bizarre see-through geometry. 
Imagine, for instance, the player standing with her back to a jail
cell.  As the ray pans across the bars, it sees very close!, very far,
very close!, very far... etc.  You need to make sure that jogging is
smoothed out.

-Megan Fox

> Thanks all for help.
> I also was thinking about sphere approximation, but there are still some
> issues, for example if player situated in the house, but camera sits
> outdoors, in this case camera's sphere does not collide, but there is
> wall between camera and player, so i think one must add also ray
> connecting player and camera or something like this.
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