[ODE] Physically modelled camer

Andrew Schroeder schroe2a at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 10:25:39 MST 2005

I implemented a slick third-person camera by attaching a geom
transform to the same body as the head of my person. moving the mouse
actually rotated the head, and the geom transform then stayed behind
the head of the person, and collisions with camera could be detected
and adjust the distance behind the head that the camera would be and
 I experienced bad crashing/explosions, jittery motion, and all kinds
of other bad stuff when using geom transforms, especially when
attaching their bodies to others with joints.  I had to abandon the
use of geomTransforms all-together eventually because they just didn't
work well.  so now I'm in the same boat you are.....

  Megan's suggestion sounds feasible.  My plan was to have a
transformation matrix that would define a view transformation relative
to the head that would have the same result as the geom transform.  To
actually detect collisions with the camera, I was just going to create
a sphere and set it's position/velocity each timestep based on the
camera's position and any collisions I detect would be handled
completely separate from the main simulation.
Good luck..

On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 14:18:42 +0200, Sergey Beloshitsky
<sergey at rostok-games.com.ua> wrote:
> Hi, All!
> I am trying to implement third person camera, and want it to response
> collisions, for example if player rotates camera and it begins to touch
> a wall, camera must slide on this wall. Can someone tell me from where
> to start?
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