[ODE] Physically modelled camer

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 08:21:08 MST 2005

>From my experience thus far, one thing I can suggest NOT doing is a
rigidly locked-behind-the-player camera that can only move forwards or
backwards implemented by a ray cast straight back.  The resultant
camera is twitchy and extremely irritating.

... as to a truely physical camera, though, I'm still not sure how to
best go about it.  I'm going to try a sphere for the camera with
one-sided collisions (eg. it moves out of collisions, colliding
objects ignore it), a max velocity cap, and an AI that has it move
straight towards the desired behind-the-player position while
maintaining the desired looking-at-the-player view angle, but I'm not
sure yet if this will work or not.

The velocity cap should keep it from flying off at high speeds when
another object invades its space, and it should completely avoid
intentional inter-penetration with other objects through standard
collision methods (so long as the surrounding sphere is big enough),
but no idea if it'll actually work well.

I've no doubt it will at least need a "oh crap, it's been 10 seconds
since I could get to the target point, setposition myself there and oh
well if the viewpoint pops" fallback.

-Megan Fox

> Hi, All!
> I am trying to implement third person camera, and want it to response
> collisions, for example if player rotates camera and it begins to touch
> a wall, camera must slide on this wall. Can someone tell me from where
> to start?
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