[ODE] Convex Volume Geom (Shipped games using GJK)

ode@erwincoumans.com ode at erwincoumans.com
Thu Dec 22 15:01:53 MST 2005

Lots of commercial shipped games succesfully used GJK: 

1) David Wu from Pseudointeractive just mailed me that Full Auto and Cell 
Damage both use GJK. 

2) On glalgorithms-list Jay Stelly from Valve talks about his use of GJK in 
Half Life 2. 

3) Check out the games in this long list, for example Halo 2 and Painkiller: 

Happy Holidays!
Erwin Coumans 

Rodrigo Hernandez wrote:
>I dont want to sound defiant, because I am not, but which games? 
>[...] couldn't find any games which actually claim to use a form of GJK.

>Erwin Coumans wrote:
>>For games GJK is a good solution in my experience. Did you know that even 
>>commercial engines succesfully use GJK for their convex collision detection?  

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