[ODE] Convex Volume Geom (GJK)

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Wed Dec 21 11:30:00 MST 2005

There is a GJK integration for ODE here:

It supports GJK collision shapes (box,sphere,cylinder,cone, convex hull) and 
all the existing ODE colliders, including triangle mesh.
The contacts that GJK returns are collected and reduced into a persistent 
contact manifold. 


I'm interested in your solution for convex for ODE. Can you describe the 
algorithms you use to compute the contact points? 



Rodrigo Hernandez writes: 

> I am working on that as a personal project, but I am having problems 
> with convex-convex collision detection,
> once I am satisfied with the results I will commit the code to the 
> UNSTABLE branch, I would commit it as-is if anyone
> shows interest in helping out, but I see no use in commiting a half 
> working solution. 
> Cheers! 
> Rodrigo Luque wrote: 
>>Is there any plan to support convex volume in ODE?
>>Actually, I was using TRIMESH but a notice that no collision is detected 
>>when a geom is inside the TRIMESH, I mean not intersecting any triangle of 
>>the TRIMESH. This is a big problem when using small hi-speed geoms. This 
>>problem won't happen in a convex volume because it's easy to find out if the 
>>geom is inside or not.
>>So, is there any plan? 
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