[ODE] An OpenSource ODE Solver implementation

Mike Wuetherick mike at gekidodesigns.com
Fri Apr 29 16:33:25 MST 2005

Is not ODE supposed to be a cross-platform implementation?

reliance on ANY dll's is surprising to hear of - we are evaluating ODE 
for our cross-platform middleware package and i would be interested in 
hearing of any other cross-platform 'issues' like this that we may run into.

mike w

Jon Watte wrote:

>>Does everyone compile custom versions of ode.lib if they 
>>don't want user32.dll to be involved or is there some make file 
>>configuration that'll skip this dependancy?
> For 99.9% of all software, a dependency on user32.dll just 
> isn't a problem. I'm quite surprised that this would be a problem 
> for your 3D software package -- which package is it?
>>initialization; so - what are the slowest functions? the dWorldCreate()? 
>>the dHashSpaceCreate()? or is it defining the objects which is slow?  It 
> Defining the objects is slow. Updating the objects isn't as slow. 
> Collission has the potential of being very slow, and the solver itself 
> might take some CPU.
> I would keep the objects around, and update them each step, rather than 
> re-creating from scratch. If you notice there are new objects, or some 
> objects have gone away since last time, then apply that delta to your 
> scene. Also, if objects move, then you have the choice of trying to 
> move them yourself, or using forces to try and make the objects go where 
> they were moved to.
> Cheers,
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