[ODE] trimesh-box collisions

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 13:27:32 MST 2005

What's your step size?  And how many contacts are you generating?

(try 100hz step size, and make sure you're generating at least 24 contacts)

-Megan Fox

On 4/25/05, j <ode at dynamica.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get my mind around the trimesh.
> but I keep having some trouble getting trimesh-box
> collisions right. There's an image at
> http://www.dynamica.org/IMG/odeq.jpg
> I do believe Ive set my environment correctly
> by using dSINGLE-compiled ODE with my own
> typedefs aligned to ODE's types.
> When I replace the trimesh by a box, everything
> works just fine; even though I do believe to have
> built the trimesh properly:
> dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple( tri_data, (const scalar *)&(ctrl_pnts[0][0]), \
>    num_vertices, (Index*)&surface_indices[0], num_indices );
> having num_vertices dVector3's in ctrl_pnts[0][0] and the right number of
> indices. and having all triangles oriented ccw by using the correct indexing
> order.
> Whenever a box collides with the tri-mesh, it seems to collide only with the
> edges of the tri-mesh, boxes can (sometimes) fall right through the
> triangles, and
> some boxes never come to rest on the trimesh at all; they keep moving up and
> down
> through triangles, like the ones in the image.
> I finally believe to have set the CFM and ERP values correctly to -1e-5 and
> 0.2 resp. but haven't got a clue what's wrong.
> anyone ?
> thanks,
> Jonathan
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