[ODE] Hovercraft physics inside a tunnel

Rob Smith delightfulgames at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 15:40:45 MST 2005

> - The game shall once become a racing game, but with my current ODE
> implementation, its hard to take up some speed, because the system explodes
> very quickly e.g. driving a curve on the inner side (naturally) lets the
> glider lift off at some speed, but instead of crashing it spins of to
> infinity...
> I currently couldn't figure out a way of stabilizing the system enough to
> get the speeds I disire (about 60 or 70 units / second). Do you have any
> general tips to achieve or at least get closer to that?

Have you tried Adam Moss's patch in the "Possible solution to unstable
rotating bodies problem" thread? This may help your spinning off into

Another thing that may be happening on the turn is that your ray is no
longer penetrating which may cause problems depending on how you have
dealt with that situation.

What other stability problems are you having?

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