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Tue Apr 19 17:50:38 MST 2005

Unless I'm missing something FreeSOLID == Solid 2.0.


- for arbitrary mesh stuff (primitive-vs-mesh, mesh-vs-mesh) Opcode is

- for convex meshes it gives you the distance between two objects using GJK

- ...which is useless in a penetration-depth-based engine like ODE. It
doesn't give you a penetration vector (this is only available in Solid 3.5)

And then, even with Solid 3.5 :

- the EPA algorithm out there sometimes fails and makes the sim explode

- when it doesn't, it's still just a single vector, not enough to generate
stable simulations (remember the early box-box code in ODE ?)

- so you still need something else on top of that, to compute a correct
contact manifold out of the penetration vector

All in all.... well, good luck :)

- Pierre

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> Tanguy Fautre wrote:
> >
> > I've been following this discussion and I was wondering what are the
> > advantages of FreeSOLID over OPCODE.
> Well, the GJK algorithm is the feature that was mentioned before in the
> list, here is the FreeSOLID info page:
> http://www.win.tue.nl/~gino/solid/
> I am not too familiar with OPCODE to be able to tell how much of an
> advantage it would be to use one or the other, but well,
> its not like we'll be dropping OPCODE, just adding the FreeSOLID option
> for those who want it, once implemented we can benchmark both.
> besides, the FreeSOLID project has been sitting idle for a year on my
> sourceforge project list, it would be a waste for me not to work on it a
> bit :)
> Cheers!
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