[ODE] What is the best unit

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Apr 11 13:55:30 MST 2005

For humanoids, I'd suggest meters, seconds, kilograms, Newtons.


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Hi all,

Does anybody know what is the best unit for setting up humanoid sized 
objects (e.g. 1.7m) to be simulated in ODE? meter? diameter? centimeter? 
or as big as it can be?


Gao Yang

Adam D. Moss wrote:

> gl wrote:
>> Anyway, I recently thought that the 'explosions' resulting from deep 
>> or unintentional interpenetrations (eg. 'spawning' objects 
>> overlapping one another, or very high velocity collisions) could be 
>> solved by just storing the 'error correction' velocity seperately 
>> from the velocities due to the physical interaction.  This would be 
>> cleared every frame, so as soon as objects are moved apart, they 
>> would no longer fly off into the distance.
> This seems like a good idea and has crossed my mind before, but
> I've dismissed it because it seems so obvious that I think it is
> either flawed in important-but-subtle physics-engine ways or is
> already implemented as such. :)
> --Adam

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