[ODE] Body Position becoming #QNAN

Gopi Prashanth gprashanth at Heavy-Iron.com
Fri Apr 8 08:11:27 MST 2005

Yep, Once I resolve this stability issue then it will be all set. Any help
along those lines would be appreciated. Currently I'm having the problem
with sphere and box collisions. 

Also currently I only support continuous collision on sphere Vs. any other
body type. I hope to progress this into any Vs. any

now to my question...

an anyone explain how exactly the solver resolves inter penetrations....

Suppose I divide a time interval into say 15 parts... how will it affect the
collision response step? I know it is a very generic question, but I need to
know the answer to trace my bug.


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Lets just wait until he's got it working first.

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

>>Actually, I'm having kind of a similar problem. I have 
>>successfully added continuous collision to ODE and it works 
>OMGOMGOMG... *PLEASE* submit this for inclusion!

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