[ODE] Seperate error correction velocity.

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Wed Apr 6 11:08:29 MST 2005

Hi guys,

haven't been around for a while (not been using ODE), but I've been lurking 
on the list.

Anyway, I recently thought that the 'explosions' resulting from deep or 
unintentional interpenetrations (eg. 'spawning' objects overlapping one 
another, or very high velocity collisions) could be solved by just storing 
the 'error correction' velocity seperately from the velocities due to the 
physical interaction.  This would be cleared every frame, so as soon as 
objects are moved apart, they would no longer fly off into the distance.

Currently haven't the time to look into the ODE code for exact 
implentation - any comments?

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