[ODE] Implementing ODE

Vast vasko.tim at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 23:45:44 MST 2005

Hey, I've been staring at ODE for a looong time, and still can't
properly implement it. What confuses me to no limit is that strange
drawstuff thing... library.

So I am asking if anyone could send me a simple demonstration of how
it is done, or explain it to me, please?

I am sure this question has been asked before, I just never saw any
answers to it.

Right now I am using BSP trees for my space partitioning, would it be
smart to use bsp brushes to check for collision detection? How hard
would it be to implement?

Also, the exact thing that confuses me a lot, in drawstuff, or ode
itself, is the dGeom or something like that. WHat if i have my own
ways of managing polygons, without using the default geom structure.
Basically, you can tell that I am really confused, and i would
greately appreciate if anyone could give me a clear explanation on how
to get started (besides from this):
	world = dWorldCreate();
	space = dHashSpaceCreate(0);
	dWorldSetGravity(world, 0, -9.8f, 0);
	dWorldSetCFM(world, 1e-5);	// 1*10^-5
	dWorldSetAutoDisableFlag(world, 1);
	dWorldSetContactMaxCorrectingVel(world, 0.01);
	dWorldSetContactSurfaceLayer(world, 0.001);

THank you, and I really hope someone could help me out here!

Thank you!

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