[ODE] More warnings stuff (sorry)

Pete Baron sibaroni at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 27 09:26:12 MST 2004

Ok, so it looks to me like everyone is meeting approximately in the middle
ground of this debate.
Can we all agree the following perhaps?

 warnings are not errors
warnings are potentially bad
warnings are potentially irrelevent (ie. performance warnings with no clean
it is virtually impossible to eliminate all warnings on all compilers in
their verbose mode (they fuss over different things)
novice programmers who ignore warnings may make bad mistakes
experienced programmers will never just ignore all warnings
experienced programmers know which ones are important

 On a personal note I would like to apologise to Gary for apparently
a 'camp' on his behalf.  That was not my intent, although in hind-sight it
seems inevitable and I should have anticipated it before mailing.

 It would be great if we can move on now?

 Pete Baron
sibaroni at hotmail.com

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