AW: [ODE] C# Access

Torsten Stein torsten.stein at
Fri Sep 24 00:03:40 MST 2004


> I looked into Axiom.  The project appears largely dead in the water.  I
> located a number of references to some kind of ODE interface, but I was
> unable to find the actual interface files.  Perhaps they are in
> yet another
> project.

No, no! It's just the Axiom CVS that's currently being worked over. So
looking into that
CVS would not help much these days. You can download working axiom sources
from the
download section at

How to get my physics add-on to axiom running is described here

You'll find screenshots there, too. For more screenshots you might look here
(quite long forum thread, so you must scroll and skip through the pages to
see all) to get
an impression of what you can to with the physics library right now.

My wrapper is based on David Walkers ODE wrapper. I made some fixes and
So some problems (exceptions and memory leaks) should have gone or at least
reduced ...

Torsten Stein

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