[ODE] Camera should be a body with zero mass?

Megan Fox shalinor at circustent.us
Thu Jun 24 08:59:40 MST 2004

If your camera is a chasecam, instead of modelling it physically, you could
just cast a Ray geom back from the player's head and determine that the
camera location is the first collision point along that ray.


> The camera in my simulation is implemented as a body/geom in ode.
> I want my camera to follow my character as it moves and rotates
> (third person), so I attach them to each other with a slider, and
> all is well except...
> the camera's mass affects the characters movement.  I want the
> camera affected by the guy, but not the guy affected by the
> camera, in other words the camera should be a body with zero
> mass.  If I set it's mass to zero, bad things happen so I'm
> thinking you're not supposed to do that. How can I have a
> body/geom that reacts to the things it's joined to but does not
> affect them?
> -Andy
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