[ODE] Collision Detection ... again

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Jun 21 08:38:07 MST 2004

How many contacts are you requesting from dCollide()?  Try 64 or 128.

-- jm

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> All,
> I know that the whole subject of collision detection has probably been
> discussed to death at this point, however I am seeing a
> relatively annoying
> problem when {planes or boxes} are collided with {cylinders or boxes}. If
> you just drop (say) a cylinder onto a plane it will bounce correctly,
> however once it has bounced around a bit and settled down, it starts to
> "swim" meaning that the two surfaces can penetrate and seem to move around
> certain axis's. This is somewhat hard to describe, but I have uploaded a
> short movie that shows this problem on :
> http://www.3dgraphics.com/~deadline/CollisionProblem.wmv
> This shows the collision of a capped cylinder with a plane.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Andrew
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