[ODE] trimesh questions

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Jan 18 09:18:52 MST 2004

There is code that purports to allow double precision data, although I don't know if it gets reduced to single somewhere at the bottom.

Trimesh does not collide with trimesh, and it does not collide with capsule (ccylinder). It does collide with box, sphere and ray.

I believe the reason it doesn't collide with trimesh is that it's really hard to get "penetration depth" information out of that situation.

I believe it would be reasonably straightforward to add ccylinder testing, but nobody's done it.


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hi there.

I'd like to know the current (cvs) limitations of trimesh.
Can a trimesh geom collide with all primitives ? with an other trimesh geom ?
What about a double precision OPCODE ? 

Thank you.

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