[ODE] Question about ODE

Cyril Labordrie cyril.labordrie at m4am.net
Sat Jan 3 12:13:40 MST 2004

Hi and Happy New year to EveryBody

I am spending time on understanding the source code.

First of all my question are on the files: 

These 3 files were generated Sources code, 
Which software did you use for that? Matlab?

Can you explain that choice. 

I explain my question, I think this part of the code can be optimized 
With using SSE or any VectorUnitProcessor.

Then I would be very happy to understand it all.

Second question:
L^T lower triangular matrix with ones on the diagonal.
Are all the Zero and the 1 given to the matrix, 

This question is raised because I want to use this function in a Very
Low memory area.

After you give us some advice on how to use the Engine like:

Use powered joint, joint limits, built-in springs as much as possible,
avoid explicit forces.

Why should we avoid explicit forces? What is the implication in the
Will there be any problem if we create functions even if we are aware
Of the powered joints involved in the simulation?

Thanks in advance

Cyril Labordrie

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