[ODE] Adam: familiar with trimesh?

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Tue Feb 10 14:38:58 MST 2004

Martin C. Martin wrote:
> Are you familiar with the Trimesh code?  Jeff Smith has contributed the 
> trimesh holy grail: a trimesh-trimesh collider. 

\o/  wooo!  Yes, I was excited to read that (and very
curious as to how transparently it worked).

 > But it needs to be
> merged with the CVS head.  Since I've never used the trimesh code, I'm 
> not sure which parts to merge.  Would you do it?  If so, I'll forward 
> you the code.

I've actually never 'used' the Trimesh code either and am
not especially familiar with it (apart from while merging
other patches).  But I'll happily attempt to do the merge to
HEAD, if people can stand my usual lag in doing so.

I (or someone) will have to add the ability to drop
more bunnies onto the test_trimesh bunny I think, since
(not being a trimesh user at the moment) it's mostly
just by giving these tests a spin that I spot obvious
regressions caused by any trimesh patch.

> I can update the docs.

That'd be very handy.

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