[ODE] Stack Overflow makes me crazy

Lukas Henschke henschke at 4head.de
Thu Feb 5 17:59:52 MST 2004

I am working with ode for quite a while now but there is one situation I
keep stumbling about over and over. I get a stack overflow and don´t know
why. It happens in different situations but to give you an idea this were my
settings when it last occured:

- stepsize=0.02
- worldstep integrator
- constant framerate for the physics ( integrator_loops =
time_for_last_frame / stepsize )
  with carryover ( carryover = modulo ( time_for_last_frame / stepsize ) )
- 6 contact points in the callback function
- 5 simple cubic objects
- ground is a trimesh

this is only an assumption but I think is happens more often when the
overall framerate of the game is lower (either on purpose with "sleeps" or
in a complex level).
Does anyone have an idea what this could be ?

Lukas Henschke

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