[ODE] NovodeX free for noncommercial use

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue Aug 10 13:13:43 MST 2004

Awesome stuff.  The competition can only be good for both packages!

-- jm

> Hi guys,
> we have made the NovodeX Physics SDK available for free for all
> academic and
> otherwise non-commercial use.  Head over to our website for details on
> release v. 2.1.1; it can be downloaded without any registration, copy
> protection, payment, or any other hassles.
> I know the last time Pierre and I made a NovodeX related announcement on
> this list it annoyed some people.  I believe this list to be the main
> meeting point for people doing dynamics simulation outside of the
> mainstream
> game industry, without an expensive physics engine, whether or
> not they are
> using ODE.  This group of people is important to us, and with this move we
> would like to become more important to you.  We are following
> through on our
> previous announcement from July when John Ratcliff has released NovodeX
> Rocket and PSCL, an open physics scripting language and
> development platform
> intended to work with ODE and other engines besides NovodeX.  This package
> is also freely available from our website.
> Best Regards,
> Adam Moravanszky
> NovodeX AG
> physics middleware
> www.novodex.com

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