[ODE] Porting codebase from 0.35 to 0.39

Shamyl Zakariya zakariya at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 26 09:10:36 MST 2003

This morning, after spending a week mucking about with 0.39 (making 
tricollider work right on Mac OS X, etc) I decided it was ready (or 
ready enough) to move my project forward from 0.35 to 0.39.

For reference, the demos all worked, and a couple test projects I wrote 
worked fine.

I got a very peculiar and baffling problem. This is likely not an ODE 
issue, per se, but perhaps people here have seen this.

Basically, I've got a c++ class, cylinder object,

CylinderObject::CylinderObject( std::string name, dWorldID world, 
dSpaceID space,
	dVector3 position, dReal length, dReal radius, dReal mass,
	dVector3 rotAxis, dReal rotAngle, dVector3 color, SimObject *relTo )
	:SimObject(name), _body(0), _geom(0), _transform(0)

	dMass m;
	dMassSetCappedCylinder (&m, 1.0, 3, radius, length ); // <-- aborts 
	dMassAdjust (&m, mass );
	_body = dBodyCreate (world);
	dBodySetMass (_body,&m);
	_geom = dCreateCCylinder (space, radius, length);
	dGeomSetBody (_geom, _body);

	_color[0] = color[0];
	_color[1] = color[1];
	_color[2] = color[2];
	setupPosition( position, rotAxis, rotAngle, relTo );

Now, what's happening is I get this:
ODE INTERNAL ERROR 2: bad direction number in dMassSetCappedCylinder()

Looking at the source, the assert is:
	dUASSERT (direction >= 1 && direction <= 3,"bad direction number");

Now, looking at my code, it's obviously passing a 3. So I run the 
debugger... and the debugger reports correct values for everything 
passed ( mass pointer, density, radius, & length ), but it reports that 
I passed the integer value -1073749696...

For reference, I didn't have this problem with ode 0.35; I rebuilt my 
project using 0.35 and this didn't show up.

Can anybody tell, or guess, what's going on? I also tried making the 
reference to '3' be a local variable, so I could verify it's value at 3 
in the debugger. Same problem.

Also, for what it's worth, the ode library I'm using is a custom built 
OS X framework, not the default one made by the makefile (I'm a fan of 
OS X frameworks, since they include binary and headers into one package 
-- also, I built 0.35 as a framework and didn't have this problem). 
Since the default test programs and my personal tests worked ( all 
linking against the framework) I have to assume something dirty is 
happening. I'm very confused.

shamyl zakariya
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   possessions and live more simply, but to buy more stuff
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