[ODE] ODE & Motion Sensors & Haptics??

Manohar B.S sciphilog at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 21:29:43 MST 2003

Hi Nate,
         I clarify more on what you have written at
the end:

> If you are simulating a spring-damper connection
> between your hand and the
> mass, this sounds like a desirable result.  Why
> isn't it?

 There should be special body in the ODE space which
is accessiblie to the external physical world through
a Haptic device. This special body, I suppose, should
have zero mass, and should follow the cursor position
faitfully. The main objective of this special body
(also called the Haptic Node or HN) is that when it
touches another body, forces felt by HN should be
mapped to the Haptic device.
 Ideally this HN should not by itself add any effect
to the free motion of the cursor, that is no forces
should be generated when HN is not touching any thing.
unfortunately we don't live in ideal world and neither
does ODE!! so, I tried to set the HN's position
directly when it is not touchin any thing, work, cool,
but some wierd effects!

 ok, I'll have to try some piece-wise techniques to
avhieve 'comfotable' operation.


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